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Pent Sheds



Popular standard features: whitewood t/g 2′ x 1 1/4″ planed and rounded framing,
2’6″ door, key lock, standard buildings only.

Popular Pent



The standard features of additional framing (50% more), a heavy duty, fully framed door, security windows, pad bolt protector and internally bolted hinges combine to make this ideal in the crime prevention battle.
As the eaves height is increased, the doors may be in the gable end or in the long side to give more choice.

Security Pent



Differences between Populars and Supremes; Better quality timber, 3′ door where possible, higher eaves, thicker framing, fully framed door, extra framing, fluted fascias, door head drip, door handle, may be customised to own requirement.
The Security Pent has all the benefits and features of the security apex but the choice of a pent roof.

Supreme Pent


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