The Haywood

The Haywood

The Haywood is one of the most attractive winged cabins on the market, with a bay window on the front and opening 9 pane Georgian windows on each side. The 8′ front model has a single door whilst the 10′ and 12′ model has double Georgian doors.
Available with bearers, heavy duty floor, heavy duty felt & lining paper as optional extras.

All prices include delivery and fitting to Beds, Cambs and Herts. For outside of these areas please phone us.

Available in 18 other sizes. Please call for details.

Size Price  fitted
5′ x 10′ £
6′ x 10′ £
8′ x 10′ £
10′ x 10′ £
12′ x 10′ £
14′ x 10′ £

Please call for prices