Aviaries & Kennels


Tool Tidy

Introduced by popular demand this model is perfect for the bird lover with an internal porch,
nesting house and a 6′ outside aviary.

Size Discontinued



Kennel & Run

Deluxe Kennel & Run

The Kennel and Run is ideal to keep pets safe and sound. The Kennel is separated from the run by a partition with access for the pet to move from/return to the sleeping area. Both the sleeping quarters and the run have an access for tending/cleaning purposes.

The Deluxe Kennel and Run is an Apex building featuring a substantial kennel and run for the larger pet. It features a full height door with lockable side access for the pet.

Size Price   del & fitted
Kennel & Run 10′ x 4′ £775
Kennel & Run 12′ x 4′ £875


Yard Kennels

Yard Kennel

A traditional kennel in two sizes which forms ideal shelter for outside. The 4’x3′ is for smaller pets or a 5’x4′ has
extra room for larger dogs such as Labradors and Alsatians.