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Bedfordshire Garden Buildings has been an established family company for thirteen years but has recently moved to the perfect location – the site of the old Dick Turpin pub, just north of Sandy on the A1, Great North Road. Lee explains: ‘We have been looking for the right place for a long time now – the best way to see the garden buildings we have on offer and experience for yourself the quality and finish of our products. This area is the right size for us, we can display sheds, summer houses, potting sheds, log cabins, garden offices, chicken houses and the special bar-be-que huts from Finland that we stock exclusively in this area. We’re really glad to have moved here.’

At Bedfordshire Garden Buildings there is more choice than you can imagine. Over fifty garden buildings , all beautifully built and ready to explore. ‘I know that some people feel that buying a building for your garden off the internet is the best approach, but we would always suggest that when you are considering a spend of anything between a hundred and several thousand pounds, it would be worth actually seeing and touching what you are about to buy. It is also easier to gain a sense of the dimensions of the building, the certainty that you have chosen the one which best suits your needs and can accommodate your plans. These are buildings – do you really want to buy a building that you have not even seen?’ emphasizes Lee.

And it’s certainly not more expensive to shop at Bedfordshire Garden Buildings. ‘We offer a complete package’ says Lee ‘which can include fitting, insulating and even painting, or the customer can cherry pick to design the package that they would prefer. Some  people want us to do the hard and messy parts – laying the base for example, while others are happy to do that themselves and ask us only to deliver and install. We can work out an individual price for everybody and we are happy to listen and take on board the requirements of everyone.’

BBQ Huts

Bedfordshire Garden Buildings offer good quality at far from top prices with a friendly, efficient and professional service too.  ‘It makes us really happy to make our customers happy.’
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Whether you are looking for a cosy kennel for Rover, a garden office fit for a true entrepreneur or the perfect place to host a garden party – whatever the weather, then take a trip to Bedfordshire Garden Buildings and experience choice.

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